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The $30 Home Gym


The $30 Home Gym

Hey. Thrust into the new, “workout from home” life and don’t know what equipment to buy? I got you!

Skip the barbells and weight plates that take up space and go with a few key pieces, to start. Feel free to add on equipment as time and budget permits. My recommendations are mostly space saving, so it’s a double win.

Jump Rope

You could easily do jumping jacks and an entire list of bodyweight cardio exercises, but there’s nothing quite like a jump rope. Challenge yourself to jump for a set amount of time, or in short bursts. Throw in jump rope intervals between exercises to keep the heart rate up, and fat burning on point.

You probably have one at the house already. If you don’t, the one I like to is super affordable. You could also go with a more expensive option that’s weighted. The choice is yours.

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball does take up space, but you can use it to do a variety of exercises to work the core, legs and upper body.

I remember a surge in exercise ball purchase after the movie 50 Shades came out. So, again, you might already have one. If you do have one but, it’s been a couple years since you used it, the rubber could be compromised, so replace it just be be safe. They last about a year or two from date of purchase. A quick glimpse at the warranty will tell you how long you have.

Buy one that corresponds to your height. Check the diameter of the ball and reference your height for the best “fit.” Use the ball to perform ball squats, ball tucks, decline push ups, and a whole host of other exercises.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are my favorite for space saving resistance training. They range in resistance from light to heavy.

Some manufacturers use color to denote resistance; the darker the band, the heavier. In some instances, color means nothing so check the resistance.

The exercise bands with handles are the most versatile, to me. Use the handles to perform combo moves like squat to overhead press. Then quickly transition to arm curl.

If you’re new to “gym” building, start with a moderate weight resistance band and just work with that one.

Use all three pieces of equipment to put together a killer home workout. The sky is the limit to what you can do, and all for under 30 bucks. Hit me up if you have any questions on putting a workout together.

If we’re not already, let’s be friends on Instagram. Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest in fitness and yoga. Thanks for reading, and remember, you don’t have to get fancy to get physical.

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