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Four Tips to Beat Home Workout Boredom

I’ve lost count of how many weeks we’ve been in the house. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t the biggest fan of home workouts. But I had to become a fan to stay motivated, keep moving, and not lose too much strength, flexibility, etc. gained at the gym. 

I’ve had to get creative to break the monotony of working out at home. I look forward to walks because there’s something different to see; a new bird, new neighbor, etc. But strength training and yoga, I’ve had to keep fresh. 

Just like the gym, it’s important to mix things up to prevent boredom and plateau. Here are my top three tips to break workout monotony while under quarantine. 

Try an Instructor Led Class

If you are accustomed to doing only workouts that you design, try working out with an instructor. There are countless instructors online right now offering free, and paid workouts. The top platform to log into and get moving is Instagram. I notice instructors log on to teach class Monday through Friday at noon. 

If you follow fitness professionals, taking your pick is easy. If you don’t ask friends for recommendations. A great place to start to find instructors is PopSugar Fitness and Women’s Health Magazine. Start with instructors that teach the modality you enjoy. If strength training is your thing, pick an instructor with that focus. If you’re more into Pilates and yoga, pick an instructor with that focus. You might learn a new move, or a way to sequence movements together. 

If Instagram isn’t your thing, look to DVD’s or YouTube to work with instructors. On YouTube, simply type in your workout of choice and see what search results you find. 

Try a New Modality 

If you’re a creature of habit, aren’t we all, try a new modality. For example, if you prefer yoga, give Pilates a try. If you already do yoga and Pilates, try barre. Think of it as cross training, and think outside the box. It’s likely you will stumble upon something you enjoy.  

Switching up the type of workout is not just great for motivation, but also for your body. New movements awaken muscle and shock the body. This is helpful in preventing plateaus. Modalities like strength training are a great complement to yoga. 

Get Outside 

If you workout indoors most of the time, try getting outside. By outside, I mean your backyard or driveway. If you don’t have a backyard or driveway, try an unpopulated open air space near the house. 

A wide open space is ideal for lunges, jogging in place, plyometrics, etc. The fresh air is good for the body, and if you live in an apartment, getting outside means less worry about noise and the neighbors. The Vitamin D can also offer a boost of immunity that we all need right now.  

In the wide outdoors, it’s still good practice to maintain a distance of six feet or more from others. If you’re not comfortable, or have a medical condition that puts you at risk, then by all means, stay inside. 

Get a Virtual Workout Buddy

Fitness is more fun with friends, they say. Partner up to add some variety. Schedule a time to meet up with friends online to workout. You can meet up to do live Instagram workouts or workouts that you come up with on your own. 

I recommend keeping the virtual workouts to 20 – 30 minutes max. Pick a friend with similar workout goals and someone you know you can count on to show up on time. Schedule your workout time just like you would any other meeting and keep the appointment. Post workout chat about struggles and what’s working. Creating a shared experience of sweat can help with motivation and keep you on track toward any goals you’ve set. Even if the goal is just to move for 15 minutes each day. 

Quarantine has shaken up the lives and habits of us all. I don’t know about you, but movement is the main thing that keeps me calm, and away from the fridge. This past week was about yoga. Next week could be about heavy lifting. I’m down for whatever it takes to keep moving. 

How have you kept your workouts fresh during quarantine? I’m all ears. 

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