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3 Tips for Mindful Snacking

I found myself at the pantry a little more than usual this week. That could be you too. Most of us have been asked to stay at home to flatten the curve. Which means, working from home for some and just generally being at home more than usual.

Staying in the house means stocking up on food. That means full pantries, and let’s face it…boredom. I don’t like to eat when I’m bored. I don’t like to eat emotionally either. That’s me. If you like to, and need to, go ahead. This is a tough transition time for all of us.

However, I remembered my college days of endless workouts and meal prep and remembered a few things I used to do to keep snacking under control. I’m revisiting some of the things to snack mindfully.

Pre-Bag Snacks

Every snack on the market comes with a serving suggestion on the box or package. It’s helpful to know what a serving size is.

In the old days, I used to separate snacks into single servings. It does take a little extra work to divide the bag or package up, but it’s worth it for me.

When I go to seek out snacks now, I grab them one serving at a time. If I want more, I eat more, but I do so knowing that I’m on portion #2 or 3, and girl…”You need to eat a meal at this point.” Use snack bags, or Tupperware to organize snacks at the house.

Use a Bowl

Use a bowl instead of eating from the bag or container. Even if you don’t measure out a single serving of a given snack, placing it in a bowl prevents eating an entire bag of chips, for example, without knowing it.

If you know the serving size, that super helpful to get another visual. Noticing what 11 chips look like in a bowl is different than eating from the bag. Also, knowing what one serving of ice cream looks like in a bowl is different than eating the entire pint.

Fruit on Display

I’m a visual person, that applies to snacks as well. I saw a long time ago in Oprah Magazine that Lady O keeps fruit out on the table. She said that seeing the fruit on display makes it easier to grab and eat. I couldn’t agree more.

Passing an apple registers something for me to actually eat the apple. If I’m on the way to get a cookie it also serves an interference, if only for a moment. Fruits are full of fiber and end up helping us stay full longer unlike a bag of chips or candy.

A bowl on green or red apples, along with oranges and clementines on the counter also makes for a lovely display.

Do you find yourself at the pantry now that you work from home? Are you okay to snack and just let the pants fall where they may, or are you a mindful snacker? If so, let me know your tips and tricks if you have any.

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