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10-Minute HIIT Home Workout

The made it to the gym twice this week, but only once to lift weights. The little one has a cold, and I don’t want to expose any kids to his cooties. Even though he likely got them from kids club…I’m not that mom.

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This circuit doesn’t take long and is a good mix of combination moves, core and cardio. Feel free to switch up the mountain climbers for jumping jacks, high knees, skaters or whatever your “heart” desires.

Squat Push-Press

If I had to pick one move to do at the gym, this would be it. A light to moderate weight is best because that overhead press has to happen in good form. If the weight is too heavy, the shoulders are shot around rep four.

Renegade Row

The renegade row works the entire upper body and core. Try a knee down variation or knees lifted, with the feet wide.

Knee Hover

The knee hover is simple but effective, with the knees only a few inches from the ground. Hold the move for a challenge or add in some arm movement to take things up a notch. I do these at the beginning of my yoga classes to bring the heat.

Mountain Climber

I chose a video of the beginner version of mountain climbers. If you’ve done them before, take it up a notch by moving the feet faster. It’s good to know how to scale a move back sometimes.

Complete one exercise after the other, only resting after the mountain climbers to complete one circuit. Execute good form with each move, 12 reps is the goal for squat with overhead press and renegade row.

Use the timer on your phone for the 30-second intervals or use an interval timer. If you’ve been on the search for a good interval timer, try the gym boss.

The workout could take 10 minutes, it could take five, the goal is four sets. Have fun, give it your best effort and swear in between reps.

Happy Sweating!

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