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Low Cost Fitness Memberships


Low Cost Fitness Memberships

If you want to join a gym but don’t think you have the budget to do so, this article is for you. There are affordable fitness membership options, beyond the big box gyms for you to explore. Some of them right in your neighborhood.


The YMCA is a non profit wellness center. The Christian organization has a mission to assist the community in developing a healthy “mind, body and spirit.” Through donations within, and outside of the community, the Y, as it is known, is able to provide more affordable wellness options.

Prices for membership vary, but tend to be lower than your big box gym. The Y also offers scholarships, based on income, for qualified individuals and families. If there’s a Y in your neighborhood, go with your check stubs to see if you qualify for a discounted membership.

The qualification process takes a few weeks. But once you’re approved, your membership rate is good for an entire year. You, and your family could get to use the facility and all it’s amenities for as low as $25/month.

The Y offers group fitness classes, a workout area with cardio and strength training equipment. The locker rooms have lockers with showers and steam rooms, there’s a pool and other spaces for community use. Go visit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

$10 Gym Memberships

I kept the heading generic because I don’t know what’s in your neighborhood. In Georgia there are at least two gyms I can think of that charge $10 monthly for membership.

Thing is, they’re not in every community. These facilities are pretty basic, but get the job done if you’re looking to exercise. There’s cardio and resistance training equipment for you to get it in. And if you’re lucky, they offer group fitness classes. The group fitness classes might incur an extra cost above the monthly membership, so be sure to ask.

There’s a catch with a $10/month membership sometimes so be sure to read the fine print. You might need to pay an initiation fee or sign a contract and commit to the entire year. But you’re in this wellness thing for the long haul, so run it!

Work Site Wellness

If you work for a company with a big enough building, check to see if there’s a gym onsite. I managed a corporate wellness center and can’t tell you how many employees didn’t know we were there. Work site wellness centers are tucked into corners sometimes, or in obscure places like the basement.

Employers often cover the cost of gym membership for employees. Sometimes they don’t, but even then, it’s affordable.

Work site wellness facilities that are staffed, have trained fitness professionals ready to help. There are often group fitness classes, equipment, help writing your fitness program and sometimes personal training. There are lockers, showers, blow dryers, pretty much anything you need.

Ask your human resources department if there’s a gym for employees on site. If enough employees inquire, they might just create a fitness space for you.

Community Recreation Centers

There are recreation centers right in your community. They have indoor tracks, basketball courts, and even fitness equipment and classes sometimes.

It might cost you nothing to use the indoor track, with a nominal fee to use fitness equipment. We lived in a community where the gym equipment was $15/month to use, no initiation fee or contract to sign.

Inquire about a group fitness schedule. You might luck up and find step aerobics, yoga, Zumba or boot camp for free or low cost.

If you’ve never been inside your local recreation center, go on in! Ask for a tour and see what they offer. I’m willing to bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that you can get your workout on.

Take your id with you and a utility bill to show proof of residence. If you go with those things, you don’t have to make another visit and could start using the facility that day.

There are more affordable gym style options now than ever before. Just do a little leg work to see what you find. Working out in the community keeps you under the $35 membership threshold until you’re ready to make that commitment.

What’s in your community? Have you stumbled upon a recreation center or low cost gym recently. What did you think?

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