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What to Bring to your First Vinyasa Yoga Class

You know what to bring to the gym but how about what to bring to a yoga class. It’s enough to not know what to expect from class itself, if it’s your first time. But you want to come prepared to class itself. This post may contain some awesome affiliate links.

Water Bottle

Vinyasa style classes build heat in the body linking breath to movement. If you happen to take a heated class, you’ll be sweating for sure.

Replace fluids lost during class by drinking water at breaks. Bringing a water bottle to class to refill not only ensures you’re properly hydrated, but it’s also eco friendly. Some yoga studios offer water but usually at a hefty markup.

Yoga Mat

There are yoga mats available to rent at the studio. The cost usually depends on the studio but can range from $5 – $10.

That’s what it would cost you to grab your own mat at a discount retailer like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Here’s a low cost yoga mat that’s good to have on hand if you take a few classes a month. If you think you’ll get into this yoga things, here’s a mat that’s a good investment. This is also the mat I use.

Yoga Mat Towel

A regular towel is just as good as any towel. But if you want one specific to yoga then a yoga mat towel is what you need. Having a yoga mat towel is a necessity if you are prone to sweat. Yoga mats can get pretty slippery from sweat. It’s uncomfortable to slide around on your mat, and it can also damage your shoulders. Yoga mat towels absorb sweat and the grips under the bottom prevent the mat from moving around during practice.

Some studios offer yoga mat towels for rent. It can cost you $10 each time you rent though. Put a few extra dollars with that, and you can have your own personal yoga mat towel.

What to Wear

Even though t-shirts are comfortable, they can move around on your body during class, tangling you up. Opt for a close fitted shirt, or tank for freedom of movement. Reaching your arms overhead or opening them wide should be comfortable.

Yoga pants or shorts hug the body and allow ease of movement. Grab a pair with moisture wicking technology to absorb sweat during practice.

Let’s Go

These are the basics of what to bring to your first vinyasa class. You could deviate from this entirely and still enjoy a great class.

Is there anything you found helpful to bring with you to yoga? I’m all ears.

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