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How to Complete a Gym Workout in Under an Hour


How to Complete a Gym Workout in Under an Hour

If not being able to workout for an hour, or more, is keeping you from going to the gym, I’ve got news for you. You can get an effective workout done in less than an hour. You can actually get a workout done in 20 minutes, but we’re not talking HIIT workouts right this minute.

For now, I just want to talk to you about getting into the gym.

You know that place where you have a membership, that you may or may not use. No shade. I know it happens…

I’m trying to show you how to get to that place, get in, get your workout done, and get out in under an hour.

The Gym Floor

You’re going to need a plan, or should I say a map. This does require that you’ve at least been to the gym since you signed up, to get an idea of the way the equipment is mapped out on the workout floor.

I don’t need you to write anything down just yet, but I do want you to have a visual map of where the equipment is. This visual map is going to help you get in and out of the gym in a reasonable amount of time.

Most gym floors group equipment together. All the leg equipment is together, all the arm equipment is together, back…you get the point.

The Plan

For now, let’s just keep it simple. How many days can you commit to your workouts? Now, I ask this knowing you’re going to say seven. I already know you’re trying to get it in, but hold up.

Let’s be realistic. Consider work, commute, responsibilities at home hanging with friends, unplanned events, and family, etc. Now…how many days can you commit to getting to the gym for workouts?

That’s the number we’re going to go with.

Let’s say you decided on three days a week. That’s great! You can get more than you know done in three days a week at the gym. Girl, now as my mom would say, we’re cooking with gas! Let’s get this party started.

If the days you can get to the gym are Monday, Wednesday, Friday then we could reasonably do three full body workouts.

If your days at the gym are looking more like; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, don’t fret, we can still get workouts in, they will just look a little different because we need to factor in rest.

I’ll digress with this for just a moment to share some information. If you work your legs on Monday, you will need to work your upper body Tuesday. Your muscles need time to recover. At least 48 hours of rest to be exact. So if you work your legs out on Monday, don’t work them out again until at least Wednesday, I would say Thursday to ensure full rest.

The Workout Plan

Ok, you’ve mapped out your gym floor in your head. You know what days you can get to the gym. Now let’s figure out your actual workout. We’re still keeping it simple here. The plan is to use machines only. That way, you don’t have to get anything set up or take plates on or off machines.

You may experience a slow down with machine usage if you go at the busiest times. Going when the gym is busier means you might have to wait for a piece of equipment to become free. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to have a few alternate moves in mind, in the event that some equipment is occupied.

But let’s get your machines mapped out. Let’s say you’ve decided to work your legs. For the most part, again, gyms keep all the leg equipment together. You would do these following machines.

  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl
  • Calf Raise
  • Glute Extension
  • Abduction/Adduction

Complete each machine for three sets and 12 to 15 repetitions. Perform each exercise back to back with minimal rest. Girl, you don’t have time to be on your phone snapping Insta pics okay?! We in here to get some thangs done and get out.

Move quickly from one machine to the next. Get those sets and reps done without rest making the workout cardio-esque. That didn’t take your more than 30 minutes honey. Look at you, with yo strong legs!

Now you have time to spare. You got 30 more minutes. Let’s say all we need is 20 though. Run get on a piece of cardio. Let’s use the elliptical for the sake of argument. I was going to stay the rotating stair but I don’t want you to hate me.

I mean, if you really want to get more bang for your buck you’ll get on the rotating stair, but it’s up to you. We just doing cardio now. So, go get on the elliptical. We don’t need to get fancy. Hop on it, press quick start and go for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes are up, you’re done.

Look at that! We got a workout in in under an hour. Now all things considered, if you don’t come to the gym already dressed, you’re going to need to get dressed. And if you need to shower, you’re going to have to make time for that. Those things will likely keep you at the gym for a little over an hour, maybe an hour 20. But I still don’t think that’s bad timing.

What you think? Did I just ease your fears and help you get on the road to fine(er)? Talk to me! How do you get in and out the gym in under an hour?

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