How to Meditate

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I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone interested in beginning a meditation practice with too much information. My hope is that you find this infographic an uncomplicated approach to getting started, and establishing a meditation habit.

The important thing is to start where you are. If you think two minutes is too much, then start with one minute and build from there. Just keep showing up.

If you forget to meditate in the morning, when you remember, if you can, stop and meditate right then. After a couple weeks of consistently meditating, you’ll start to feel more capable of sitting still for longer periods of time.

Designated Space

Have a dedicated space in your home where you sit to meditate. Find a corner, away from the hustle, that’s just for you. Or set up an altar in an area of your home with a nice view. A dedicated space serves as a reminder of your commitment to sit daily and settle your mind.

Fill your “area” with things that are pleasant, and important to you. Perhaps your altar holds your favorite candle, a photo of your family or spiritual text like a bible.

Inviting scents and spaces add to the pleasurable experience that meditation is.

To make sitting more comfortable, add a meditation cushion. These small cushions take up very little space and provide a nice support for your tailbone while sitting. If you choose a chair instead of a cushion, ensure that it’s inviting and comfortable.

However you think it best, create a space that’s inviting and even calm to look at, and come to, for your meditation practice.

Are you new to meditating? Do you find it hard to sit still? Let’s talk about it.

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