The Cheat Life

You can undo a week of hard work in just one day. From breakfast to dinner eating whatever you want could, if you’re not careful, lead to eating a pound of calories in one day.

I used to do it myself. The Saturday cheat day started on Friday. Then Saturday was a day of gluttony. And Sunday was the day I had to eat the rest of the cookies and everything I bought Friday.

This post isn’t about depriving yourself, or making you feel bad. It’s about being aware of how you eat everyday promotes or impedes your progress.

Awareness is all it takes.

Some foods just aren’t good fuel. The simple flours, sugars and excess caffeine leave the body feeling sluggish. They also don’t help fuel the muscle you’ve been putting in work during the week to gain.

Fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean meats are the way to go. And you eat that way all the time knowing it’s the best thing for your body, and your health.

Lifestyle change is having the chicken biscuit during the week if you want it, and the steak, and the wine. But making little changes like only eating the top part of the biscuit. Skipping the loaded baked potato in favor of the salad. Going with the latte but with skim milk and no whipped cream. Stopping to ask yourself if you had 3 to 5 servings of vegetables today even if it’s Saturday.

It’s also saying to yourself, I would like to have a margarita but it’s full of sugar so you know what, I’ll have one shot, or two, of tequila instead. Skip the chips + queso.

I didn’t say you couldn’t turn up. Just do it with awareness, and an UBER.

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