How to Exercise at Home for Weight Loss

You don’t need a gym membership to lose weight. Shedding pounds is doable from the comfort of your home.

Whether for lowered cardiovascular disease risk, or more energy, exercising at home is also a great option. You don’t have to pay for gym memberships, no gym plagues transmitted thought sweat, I KID. Best of all, no waiting for equipment.

Now, before you run out and buy stuff, look around the house for equipment you already have. An exercise ball, hand weights, jump rope, are all usable.

And as the budget allows add new “toys” and equipment into the mix. If you don’t have any of the equipment mentioned above, you can use the best piece of equipment you have; your BODY.

Perform Compound Movements

Compound movements involve more than one muscle group, because you’re not isolating movement to one muscle, you burn more calories. Consider adding weight to compound moves to take the calorie burn up a notch.

Compound movements are exercises like squat with an overhead press, or push up with one arm row. Explosive moves like burpees are compound as well. These are all tough moves that torch calories, and you can do these moves with dumbbells or no weight at all.

Train Circuit Style

Circuit type workouts aren’t limited to the gym. You can set up your living room, exercise room or dedicated space to perform a circuit style workout.

Here’s an example set up. Grab your dumbbells and perform 12 squats. After the squats, complete 12 triceps dips. Get down on the floor next for a set of push ups, then roll over for a double crunch. Circuit done!

Do that three to four times and your full body work is done for the day.

Commercial Break Workouts

I’m not a big tv watcher, but perhaps you are. Advertisers pay big money for to get their product in front of you. Instead of sitting to watch the commercials, use that time to move your body.

There’s an average of three, two to three minute commercials per break, and I think five commercials per 30-minute show. That’s 15 minutes of exercise!

You can do one exercise like jumping jacks an entire commercial break. Or you could do a circuit of lower body one commercial, followed by upper body and core. The options are really endless, it all depends on your creativity.

Do Workouts on You Tube

You Tube is a great low cost resource for working out at home. There are hundreds of videos available to try. Workouts exist for thighs and glutes, abs, and upper body.

You can find plates, bootcamp, barre, beginner, and HIIT workouts as well. If you know a type of workout you want to try, just type it into the search engine. It’s probably available! All at no cost to you. Longer videos might cut out for commercials, but consider that rest time.


Hopefully this helps get your wheels turning about the different ways you can lose weight at home. What workout have you tried at home to shed pounds and improve health? I’m all ears.

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